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Development of a new EurekaSim Plugin to develop a Novel Photonic Device and to Study the interaction of light with matter inside the device under controlled and varying electric and magnetic fields

The Challenge was to develop a simulation environment for the new Photonic device under study. The existing simulation software in the market are all designed to simulate only existing devices in the market. If you want to develop a new device with the existing simulation software , you might either need to contact the software vendor and request them to develop this new device for you or you need to develop it for yourself as an addon to the software if that is permitted by the vendor. Unfortunately it was risky for the researcher and the organization to procure expensive simulation software and then try to develop a new module for that software which will again prove to be risky and costly affair for them.

The EurekaSim Plugin fit perfectly into their scenario. With the EurekaSim Plugin SDK and the C++ Plugin Sample available with the SDK , the Researcher was able to develop the Photonic Device Plugin  that exactly suited to his requirement within a few weeks time. Not to mention the cost savings , he was able to save thousands of US Dollars by developing the EurekaSim Photonic Device Plugin. The recorded video demonstrates the Simulation Experiment with Photonic Device Plugin.

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